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We picked up our 10 year-old from camp on Thursday, and with the littler guy at Grandma’s, Hubs and I took the opportunity for a little adult time in Asheville, NC. It wasn’t anything complicated: no wellness retreat, no all-inclusive vacation or spa time. Just a few unstructured days in a cool city with adults and great food and art and beer.

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❤️ Asheville!

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And while I know I would benefit from a healthy vacation where I come back 7 pounds lighter and at one with my chakras and the universe (that sounds pretty damn good, actually), I think there’s something to be said for relaxing on your own terms, don’t you?

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Deliciousness tour continues…

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I’m a restless heart, and an experience junkie from way back. From the time I got my driver’s license (and *maybe* a little before) I’ve always been one to find happiness on the open road. New cities to explore, people to meet, food to try – OMG the poutine fries! more on that later – bookstores to browse, beverages to drink, trains to ride, pictures to take (and forget to take because you’re having so much fun). That’s my bliss. If I magically had unlimited funds and free time, I think I’d spend most of it on the move, checking experiences off my list and taking in the sights. After the three-story library fully stocked with books and an enormous slide, naturally.

And even though these days I’m more likely to be in a mid-range hotel four hours from my house than in a sketchy $6/night hostel in Istanbul or Barcelona (Best. Year. Ever.)… I still feel as re-energized and happy after this week touristing than I would after the same amount of time at a spa. I mean, I love falling asleep on the massage table as much as the next girl, but I can do about three hours at a spa before I’m ready to strangle someone with Yanni’s mustache. Get me to a brewery and sit me across from someone with a fascinating life story, STAT.

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Perfect weather for a flight. Happy Monday!

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What about you? What’s your relaxation happy place?

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