Writing Coach Services

Working with Manda helped me focus on my writing as a business, figure out what was holding me back, and learn how to move forward. Our weekly check-ins and monthly Skype sessions were invaluable. With her guidance, I relaunched my paranormal romance series and have another in the works. 

Anise Rae, paranormal romance author

Stuck in your story? Struggling to find motivation?

A writing coach can help.

Writers seek coaching for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are stuck at a certain point in your story and need help getting over the hump, or you’re struggling with writer’s block. Maybe you need someone to help hold you accountable to write consistently. Perhaps you know something is missing in your story or book outline, but you’re not sure what it is.

As a published author, experienced editor, and former psychotherapist/executive coach, I help writers of both fiction and non-fiction with a wide variety of writing issues. I will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and work with you to address the specific challenges you are facing.

“As a new writer with no clue where to begin, M.J. is the ultimate investment. She is a wealth of literary knowledge; graciously advising her clients on everything from writing technique and organization to editing and cover design referrals. She’s not only a genuinely lovely person but prompt and efficient. She had all her notes and referrals from our meeting back to me the same day!”

Adriana Osborn, Nonfiction Author and Speaker

How does it work?

I provide coaching services in person for those in North Metro Atlanta, or from the comfort of your own home anywhere via Skype/Google Hangouts. We will discuss your writing: narrative structure, character, dialogue, style and more, focusing on the areas in which you need the most assistance. As a trained therapist and former executive coach, I will also help with issues not handled by traditional writing coaches, such as time management, goal setting and finding your authentic voice.

How long does it take? How much does it cost?

Coaching is like most other forms of self-improvement: we tend to get out what we put in. You will see the results of our work not in the answers I give you, but in the journey begun by the questions we raise together. Some clients find that our initial session is so helpful, they don’t need to connect again formally for a year or more, when a new challenge arises. Other clients prefer the consistent murmur in their ears, the gentle and supportive reminder that you can do it, that your creation will be worth it.

Whatever your preference, I’m here for you. Full support, no judgment.

Want to know more? Click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to find out if writing coaching is right for you!

Initial Coaching Session

All coaching starts with an initial session. We’ll meet online for 1.5 to 2 hours, for a flat fee of $200 (payable via Venmo or PayPal). I am happy to answer questions about the coaching process during a brief phone consultation before we schedule. Just ask!

Before our initial session, you can send me up to 10 pages of your written work for me to read.

Additional Sessions

After our first session, we’ll set up future sessions as you need them.

  • One-hour session = $95
  • All one-hour sessions include reading up to 5 pages in advance*
  • Weekly email check-in or 15 minute coaching session = $25 (online only)
  • One month of weekly email check-ins = $80 (save 20-50%)
  • Discounts available for writers who also use critique services

I had an idea for a story. Having a slew of unfinished stories made me realize that I needed to plan out the story to make it better and easier to finish. I contacted MJ Pullen and she saw me through several drafts of my outline…she was a wonderful sounding board for my ideas. Thanks to her, I now have three solid outlines, that will allow me to see my story through to the end.

– “V,” Fiction Author

Click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to find out if writing coaching is right for you!

Many writers start out on a shoestring budget. It can be hard to decide the best place to invest your time, energy and money to further your writing career. Feel free to check out my Distracted Writer blog posts and sign up for my newsletter (be sure to check the box at the bottom that says “Tips for Writers”).

Good luck with your writing and, as always, feel free to contact me with any questions!

*Please send pages 24 hours before our session unless otherwise agreed. Time permitting, I am happy to read additional pages before our session for a $1/page reading fee. If you would like specific or written feedback on your work, consider my Manuscript Critique services.

Not sure if you’re ready for professional coaching? Check out my Resources Page to get started on your own.