Writing Coach Services

How can a Writing Coach help you?

Writers seek coaching for a number of reasons. An experienced writing coach can help a writer with a specific writing- or story-related problem, assist you in overcoming writer’s block, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, or just to provide accountability to keep you on track.

An experienced writer and author, I provide coaching services accessible from the comfort of your own home via Google Hangouts. We will discuss your writing: story structure, character, dialogue, style and more, focusing on the areas in which you need the most assistance. As a trained therapist and former executive coach, I can also help you wrestle with issues not handled by traditional writing coaches, such as time management, goal setting and finding your authentic voice.

All coaching session include reading up to 5 pages before the session begins (please send 24 hours before our session unless otherwise agreed). Time permitting, I am happy to read additional pages before our session for a $1/page reading fee.

  • 15 minute coaching session = $20
  • One-hour session = $75

After your first live coaching session with goal setting, I can also be your accountability partner with weekly email check-ins about your progress toward your own goals. These check-ins include reading up to 5 new pages of your work if appropriate. Many of us are more likely to follow-through with commitments to ourselves and our writing when we have made a financial commitment as well. Accountability check-ins are not a required part of coaching, but you must do at least one 30-minute coaching session before purchasing an accountability package.

  • 6 weeks of accountability check-ins – includes weekly email and 5 pages = $100
  • 12 weeks of accountability check-ins  – includes weekly email and 5 pages = $150

For more information about coaching, please contact me at mjpullenbooks at gmail dot com. I will get back with you in 24 to 48 hours with a specific quote and schedule. Be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached.