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This is a version of a post from the Distracted Readers’ Facebook group. We’d love for you to join us there.  We picked up our 10 year-old from camp on Thursday, and with the littler guy at Grandma’s, Hubs and I took the opportunity for a little adult time in Asheville, NC. It wasn’t anything  […]

It’s my blog and I can post vacation pictures if I want to… (You’ll look at them, and you’ll like it, dammit.) So Hubs and I lost our freaking MINDS this year and decided that rather than a beach vacation, a Disney cruise, or some other simple getaway for spring break, we were going to  […]

Last week Hubs and I went out to California for a six-day vacation with some friends. It was the longest we’d been away from Fozzie and Skywalker, with both of us gone, and I am SO grateful for my mother-in-law and our amazing babysitter for making it possible. It was totally an “Eye of the  […]