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Well, we made it through the first week of social distancing, quarantine, and (for lots of us) involuntary homeschooling. Hope you are faring as well as can be expected, and keeping your expectations for yourself realistic. Lots of us are turning to digital reading, which is lovely. Last week I gave away more than 1500  […]

Happy Holidays, Kids! **Begin Rambling Mush** I do apologize that I’ve been a little MIA for the last few months. Perhaps I’ll share more about this later, but suffice for now to say that it’s been a long, hard, wonderful, trying and generally exhausting year. Unfortunately I’ve had to cut out some of my blogging and social  […]

I came across this great YouTube compilation of someone’s Top 50 romantic movies and thought it was good enough to share. Do you ever get the feeling from a list like this that you could absolutely be friends with the person who made it? Some of the highlights of this list for me are: Shakespeare  […]

This post is part of a blog tour series in which writers answer a set of questions about their writing process, and tag other writers to keep it going the following week. Many thanks to my friend and critique buddy Chris Negron for tagging me! Chris is an agented writer on the verge of international  […]

Okay, okay. I’ll admit it. I have been really struggling with the food thing lately. I haven’t been avoiding wheat and yeast entirely, and I haven’t been avoiding sugar much at all. When sugar calls, I answer the phone on the first ring, and I don’t even bother to pretend I was about to call  […]

Much to the chagrin of my eldest child, Monday night I went with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and another friend to see Cyndi Lauper and Cher at Phillips Arena. Amazing show. In my most basic moments of vanity and self-aggrandizing, this may be my Number One reason for wanting to be a famous novelist.  Why? Because  […]

Well, here we go: I promised you I’d update you about the sugar detox journey. To be honest, I’m sort of hoping that if I write things out and post them publicly, it will help me re-center myself as well. The osteopath is going to drag it all out of me tomorrow anyway. [If you  […]