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Note: this post started as a status update on my personal Facebook page, but I decided to share it here as well. I mean, it’s 800 words long. There has to be something worth sharing in there, right? May you find your “JT Moment” this week, too. 🙂 ******* I am supposed to be writing  […]

This is a tough one. As you may have noticed, I don’t do much in the way of politics or even social activism on my blog. This isn’t because I’m not passionate about such issues or because I don’t hold opinions (oh, the opinions…). But when it comes to public discourse, I’d generally* prefer to let my characters  […]

Totally non-productive puddle of mush. That’s me. I am supposed to be finishing up revisions on EVERY OTHER SATURDAY (a non-traditional romance of a different sort) but I can’t stay off Facebook and Twitter, enjoying the celebration of marriage equality happening all around us. I’m proud to be a part of this moment in history,  […]

Happy Summer! (Almost, technically). Even though the actual solstice is still a few days away, we are three weeks into summer vacation here in Georgia. Lovely, hot, mosquito-ridden summer vacation. With a side of stomach flu last week. Ugh! With the exception of a few hours of camp, Fozzie and Skywalker are both home with  […]

Thank goodness I’m not an entertainment reporter, because after four hours of eating, drinking, and general award show merriment, there is NO WAY I could get an article published four minutes after the Oscars are over. It’s all I can do to clear the cups and leftover cookies from the coffee table, so the dog  […]

Let me just say right off the bat that I know I am breaking many of the cardinal rules of blogging. Don’t blog angry, don’t go over 800 words, don’t blog when you have a raging case of PMS. Whatever. This is long and rambling account of a shitty experience I had yesterday. But also  […]

You may have heard that we’ve had a bit of snow here in Atlanta, accompanied by no small amount of chaos and controversy. My family got off easy on Tuesday: just three and a half hours in the car with our preschoolers to get through what is normally a 20-minute drive. Sounds bad, but many  […]

I’ve written before about my experience with self-publishing and the changes in the publishing industry. The subject continues to fascinate me as a reader and a writer. The world of books is in flux, to say the least, and readers are presented with an overwhelming array of choices. Hardback and paperback, sure. Familiar authors, yes.  […]