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A little conversation in the minivan (Vaneschwitz!) with my almost 5-year old on the drive to preschool this morning: Him: I have this button that gives me happy thoughts and this button that makes me go all crazy, and then a safety button that is only for emergencies. Which one should I press? Me: Umm…  […]

As I mentioned on Friday, I spent the weekend at a Bachelorette Party in the mountains. At the bride’s request, this was not a frilly limo-tour of bars with fruity cocktails and male dancers, or even an extravagant spa weekend; but two nights in a rustic cabin down a muddy road with a relaxed foray  […]

Happy St. Paddy’s – a couple of days late! This year I made corned beef and cabbage for the first time, and it was painfully delicious. Painful because, well, it’s not exactly health food, is it? But soooo good. I don’t know exactly where my ancestors are from (though I suspect many are from the  […]

Before you have kids, people will tell you that parenting will change your life, and push you to your limits. Especially the parents of young children, who will grab your arm in the grocery store or at parties and hiss out warnings, as though they’ve escaped temporarily from an institution and want to make sure  […]