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About a week ago, some dude named Stephen Hunter (okay, he’s actually a Pulitzer-prize winning critic and multi-published thriller author) started an Internet kerfuffle among writers by publishing an article in The Daily Beast called, “If You Want to Write a Book, Write Every Day or Quit Now.” I’ve written on my mixed feelings about  […]

Over on The Draft House page today, I wrote about the struggle to write my first novel, the amazing support I got from my family, and how my biggest obstacle to success turned out to be… me. When I started my first novel, THE MARRIAGE PACT, in 2010 (or, I should say, when I started the  […]

The Draft House 2016-17 Season Opens on August 7th! This intensive, 9-month accountability group will help writers of both novels and narrative non-fiction start, write and finish a complete draft. Those who complete the course will get a free critique, among other things. Check out The Draft House for more info. Application Deadline: August 1,  […]