It’s Here! The Kirkus Review of SUGAR STREET!

At the risk of being immodest… Well, it’s always nice when someone else thinks your baby is cute, too, isn’t it?

So… with minimal hesitation and since my mom isn’t around to show this to everyone (she totally, totally would’ve had a folded copy in her purse at all times — along with the faded black & white picture of me MISSING A PLAY AT THE PLATE that somehow made it into the Marietta Daily Journal when I played catcher on my high school softball team), I’m delighted to share this *glowing* Kirkus Review of Sugar Street!

Some of my favorite excerpts:

“A modern comedy of manners set in a posh Atlanta suburb follows a group of married women… The latest novel from Pullen (Regrets Only, 2016) opens with a fun, fizzy premise that reads like something straight out of Boccaccio’s Decameron: Some wives in the well-to-do Atlanta suburb of Sugar Mills are, for varying reasons, mildly unhappy in their blissful marriages.”

Coming in August 2018: SUGAR STREET
^^^ Glitzy Romp!

[TBH, I had to refresh myself on the Decameron. It’s been a minute since my last world literature course. Nothing says 14th Century Italian classic like suburban Atlanta dramedy, but I’ll take it!]

“…This is a classic comedic development that Pullen—a veteran of this kind of smart, sharp Jilly Cooper–style, guilty-pleasure fiction—manages to near perfection. In quick, confident strokes, she draws her characters in all their conflicting natures, from crass ambition to hapless confusion and everything in between.”

[Jilly Bloody Cooper! Blimey!]

And here’s the one I’m going to plaster everywhere:

“The author systematically dismantles the contentment of her very comfortable characters while also keeping the story bouncing with zippy, involving dialogue and a fine sense of dramatic pacing. A glitzy romp that features suburban wives making unconventional—and haphazardly disastrous—attempts to break out of the safe patterns of their lives.”

Let me tell you, “glitzy romp” beats the pants off “Lassiter player celebrates go-ahead run against Harrison 4-3 Tuesday. Late tag applied by Amanda Pullen.”

You can read the full review here. (Of the book. Not the game.)

And you can find pre-order/buy links for Sugar Street here. I’m not saying you should buy a copy, but there is a decent chance my mom is watching you from Heaven. So.

No pressure, or anything…

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