I’m Across the Pond, but my BAGGAGE is Here!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m actually off the grid at the moment, doing a writing retreat and some research in England for a few days, sans wi-fi (WHAT????). So basically while you’re reading this, I am somewhere in England in the fetal position, twitching from BuzzFeed withdrawals. And missing Hubs and my kids, of course.

Baggage Check Book CoverIn the meantime, however, my latest novel BAGGAGE CHECK is busy being born! Today is its official release into the wide world of books, even though I’ll have to hold off celebrating until I return (see launch events below). I do hope you’ll  take a moment to purchase your copy, or if you’ve already read Rebecca’s story in BAGGAGE CHECK, that you’ll be kind enough to share this post and your love. Or like. I’m cool with that too.

BAGGAGE CHECK is special to me because, while it still has a strong romance plot line and super hot hero (Alex Chen, OMFG), it’s also a much more personal journey than we’ve seen with any of the MARRIAGE PACT characters so far. After her behavior in the first novel, and then some, it was really satisfying to give Rebecca her time in the sun, and help readers understand what makes our favorite “frenemy” who she is. There are also more mental health issues present in this novel than I’ve written before, which is both fulfilling and terrifying for me as a writer/therapist.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy this latest (and final) installment in the MARRIAGE PACT trilogy, and that you feel you get to understand a different side of Rebecca as you follow her story — maybe seeing her the way Alex does, because none of us are quite so beautiful as through the lens of someone who loves us.

I’ll leave you with that thought for now, and a promise that while I’m away I’ll be working hard to bring you another deliciously satisfying read for the near future. Thanks, dearies, for your support, reviews, encouragement, and for sharing my books with your friends. Word of mouth is the very best marketing there is for authors, and the highest compliment you can give a book is to recommend it to a friend!

See you again when I’m stateside…



PS – Come see me!

BAGGAGE CHECK Book Launches:

Thursday, July 28, at Eagle Eye Books in Decatur

Saturday, August 6, at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock

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