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The Baggage Check launch celebration continues! Come see me and my foxy friends at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, Georgia. Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. If you haven’t been to this charming bookstore just a few minutes north of Atlanta, it’s worth the drive.

Big, BIG thanks to everyone who made last night’s book launch for BAGGAGE CHECK a success: fans, friends, family, my “work family” from Rubicon Global, and the incredible staff at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur, Georgia. I hope to do more events at this charming store in the future! If you missed this launch event,  […]

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m actually off the grid at the moment, doing a writing retreat and some research in England for a few days, sans wi-fi (WHAT????). So basically while you’re reading this, I am somewhere in England in the fetal position, twitching from BuzzFeed withdrawals. And missing Hubs and my kids, of course. In  […]

Most of the time, I love being a fiction writer. It’s something I have been passionate about my whole life, and as a bonus, it can be done while wearing pajamas and eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches in bed. For all its glamor, though, fiction writing is a risky business. Not spy risky, or  […]

If you’ve been following any of my attempt-at-health-related blogs, you know that I love Jazzercise. Love, love, love it. A few of my friends, guy friends especially, have teased me about this, and I think maybe it’s the name. It harkens many of us back to an era when “Mousekercising” was a thing you did  […]

Well, here I am on the last night of the last day of the ten-day sugar detox. During the ten days, I kind of impressed myself by being able to avoid sweet and sweetened foods altogether. My few slips were mostly unintentional, finding sugar in unexpected places (like salad dressings and unflavored half and half).  […]

As I mentioned on Friday, I spent the weekend at a Bachelorette Party in the mountains. At the bride’s request, this was not a frilly limo-tour of bars with fruity cocktails and male dancers, or even an extravagant spa weekend; but two nights in a rustic cabin down a muddy road with a relaxed foray  […]

The sugar detox has been going on since Monday, and I started feeling some of the less pleasant effects Wednesday evening (post-blog). A headache, annoying but not severe, hovering around my temples. It felt like a dehydration or caffeine withdrawal headache, except I’d been pounding water and I’d had a couple of cups of coffee  […]

Passover is coming up in a few weeks, a time where Jewish households everywhere will scour their pantries, refrigerators and even freezers to root out all the chametz (usually defined as anything containing grain or leavening agents of any type, with the notable exception of matzah). It’s sort of a short, religiously-based Atkins diet. Whatever  […]