German Translation of The Marriage Pact Coming Soon!

I got a note today from the translator of The Marriage Pact into German that the initial translation is finished, which is such a thrill! She said that she laughed a LOT while reading/translating the book, which made me enormously happy. [Incidentally: Best compliments you can give a writer: “I stayed up all night to finish your book.” “You made me laugh,” and “You made me cry.” Unless you are talking to a horror or thriller writer, in which case, “You made me pee my pants a little,” is also appropriate.]

She mentioned the challenge of translating Jake’s college teammates’ nicknames “Truck” and “Nads” into appropriate substitutes in German, which I found pretty funny too! Would love some German-speaking volunteers to let me know what they think when it does come out.

I have no idea how long the process will be from here until the German version is available on amazon, and whether it will be available here in the states or not, but I will keep you posted when I know such things.

Lego “Lederhosen Guy” (Image copyright (c) 2013 the LEGO Group, who I really hope won’t sue me for using it because that would totally ruin the annual Hanukkah Lego Night at our house. You can click on Lederhosen guy to be directed to the very awesome Lego website.)

Since we don’t yet have a German book cover, here’s a picture of the Lego Lederhosen guy. Alles ist AWESOME!

P.S. I apologize to all the non-Bavarian Germans who feel excluded by this reductionist representation of their great and culturally diverse country.

P. P. S. I also apologize to the German-speaking Swiss and Austrians who were excluded from the original apology. Wait, what do they speak in Luxembourg?  Eh, screw it. Prost!


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