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What if Sugar Mills were in Westeros? Are you obsessed with Game of Thrones? It’s hard to avoid these days, as we’re over halfway through the final season of HBO’s adaptation. It seems like everyone is talking about GOT. Even me! Personally, I came to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire several  […]

Or, Why the Neighbors are Questioning My Mental Health When we bought our current home four years ago, I loved so much about it: the roomy floor plan, open spaces… The “happy medium” hardwood floors (meaning: in good enough shape that we didn’t have to fix them upon moving in, but scratched and worn enough that  […]

When I said “let’s do something dirty for Valentine’s Day,” this isn’t exactly what I meant… If you have been following me for any length of time (at least a year), then you know that my sweet Hubs is NOT a Valentine’s guy. It’s a holiday made up by Hallmark to make people spend money,  […]

So I was in the car after picking up both boys from school the other day, and we had this conversation: Fozzie (age 4): When I grow up, I’m going to build a laser gate. Me: Awesome, buddy. Like the ones on Star Wars? Skywalker (age 6): Like the ones where they kept Obi-Wan prisoner,  […]

Many of you have been kind enough to ask whether there will be another e-book released before the official re-launch of THE MARRIAGE PACT in November, and I’m excited to share with you that I have just finished the first draft of my next romance novel! It’s in the hands of my critique partners as  […]

Since my Oscar post last week, I’ve had several requests for the “ENIGMA” drink recipe Hubs concocted/adapted for our terrible pun Oscar party. He shared it to my Facebook page, but it’s easier to find and refer to here. I’m just going to tell you that while Hubs is an amazing chemical engineer and should  […]

I know people are super-concerned about Big Brother monitoring our online activities (or at least, we were a little concerned until the latest version of Candy Crush/Game of War came out and distracted us).  But when I visited my Google Ad Settings today — a fit of random curiosity when I clicked that I didn’t  […]

Good morning and happy December! This is the month for mistletoe, Christmas lights and latkes. It’s also time for  my traditional ‘Holy Crap Where Did the Year Go, I’ve Accomplished Nothing’ freakout. And eggnog lattes at Starbucks, which are not only delicious but prove that even Starbucks is human. Unless they aren’t. Because if they  […]

Last weekend, I got to add “marrying my best friend” to my life’s list of peak experiences. Okay, well, technically I married my best friend almost eight years ago. That was when I slipped something in Hubs’ drink and hauled him under the chuppah on a Labor Day weekend. (When he said “I do,” he  […]

A little conversation in the minivan (Vaneschwitz!) with my almost 5-year old on the drive to preschool this morning: Him: I have this button that gives me happy thoughts and this button that makes me go all crazy, and then a safety button that is only for emergencies. Which one should I press? Me: Umm…  […]