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Earlier this week, Hubs and I celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary. It’s widely known that home improvements are the traditional gift for the thirteenth year, right? (Okay, so really it’s lace, but… WHY?) In any case, this year Hubs and I gave one another the super romantic gift of new windows for half the  […]

People often say that after you settle down and are married or committed to someone for a long time, and especially after you have kids, life becomes less exciting and romantic. And, well, yes. It does. Sometimes it’s hard to feel sexy when you’re sleep deprived, exhausted and all the bathrooms in your house smell  […]

Last weekend, I got to add “marrying my best friend” to my life’s list of peak experiences. Okay, well, technically I married my best friend almost eight years ago. That was when I slipped something in Hubs’ drink and hauled him under the chuppah on a Labor Day weekend. (When he said “I do,” he  […]

Have you ever noticed that we often get into our favorite things because of other people? You’re not born a Packers fan or a knitting champion or a soccer freak or a Republican. We develop those parts of our identities over time, as hobbies, interests and opinions are presented to us and we react to  […]