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Originally this blog was going to be about how our little monkey didn’t sleep Friday night, and what fun it was trying stay awake and present Saturday morning when we had a crowd at our house for brunch. MLM is getting in a back molar, we think, and he was awake and crying from midnight  […]

I’m in my second week of training for the walk (and I promise that not every blog for the next 10 weeks will be about this). It’s going pretty well, though I am realizing how much I’d been neglecting my exercise routine lately. Walking five days a week and cross-training on the other two is  […]

I felt I needed to clarify the title, to keep people from getting all excited that MLM might be walking and read on, hoping for adorable “Bambi-on-the-ice”-type video ending with my son falling on his adorable little baby butt. Well, sorry. Not yet, anyway. Now that you’ve presumably recovered from the disappointment that this is  […]

Boobies. Ta-tas. The Girls. Cleveland. The Good China…. Our affectionate nicknames for them are endless and often hilarious. And our breasts serve many purposes in our lives: from that awkward moment when they signal the onset of puberty and we try on our first training bra, to trying desperately to direct the attention of men  […]