Want Signed Books for the Holidays?

So, I’m not sure how this happened, because it was seriously July about 20 seconds ago, BUT… Thanksgiving is less than a week away!

Y’all. Seriously. How is it possible?

If you’re looking for a special way to say, “I know you like funny, romantic Women’s Fiction, and can also spell your name” to someone in your life this holiday, consider the gift of a signed book!

One option is to meet me at Bookmiser in Roswell on December 7th and get a hug with your purchase. OR, you can order directly from me and have your signed books delivered through the magic of the United States Postal Service. I have a limited supply of all three Marriage Pact books in very shelf-worthy hardback, as well as Every Other Saturday in paperback. If you would like to order books for the holidays, complete the Google form below (I know, we can talk about my luddite, technophobe shopping system later), I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, and viola! Bookish magic!

Orders placed by December 12 should arrive in the contiguous U.S. by December 24th. Rush orders (December 13 – 18) will cost you a little extra. And there’s a 50/50 chance I will call you to chat while I’m waiting in line at the post office!

I also can’t guarantee how long supplies of each title will last, so order today and make someone’s holiday a little funnier. A little sexier. A little more Jake/Dylan/Alex/Dave…

Wait. What were we talking about?

Ho, Ho, Ho!!

MJ Pullen

M.J. Pullen is an author and the mom of two boys in Roswell, Georgia, where she is absolutely late for something important right now. Find her Romantic Comedies, including THE MARRIAGE PACT trilogy, in bookstores everywhere; and the "Mom-Com" EVERY OTHER SATURDAY for digital readers.

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