May Drawing Winner: Mary Mooney

Mary Mooney (in purple) with Author Chelsea Camaron
Mary Mooney (left) with Author Chelsea Camaron

Congratulations to May’s drawing winner, Mary Mooney! She won an Amazon Gift Card for being a randomly selected member of my email list.

Here’s what Mary has to say:

I am single and no kids. I work full time at a local auto parts store and when I am not working, I am always reading, my kindle goes everywhere with me. I read for a lot of authors whether it be an ARC or Beta reading. And I am also in a reading review group, I love doing it, I just wish it was my full time job (too bad it doesn’t pay other than getting to read great stories before they are released).
I have attached a photo of me (in the purple) and author Chelsea Camaron (she is a friend of mine) from the Booking in Biloxi book signing this past March, it was my first big book signing. The only other signing I went to was Author Kim Jones a few years ago. Kim and I are friends, we live in the same little town. I would love to travel and go to all the book signings but real life gets in the way. lol
Thanks for being such a devoted reader and reviewer, Mary! Authors would be completely useless without avid readers, especially those who share the books they love with others. I hope you get to go to lots more great signings.
Congratulations also to blog commenter Kristen for being randomly chosen as April’s winner. She opted not to do the whole picture on the blog thing, and that’s cool too. You get the gift card either way!
If you want to be entered in the JUNE drawing, you can either sign up for my email list (if you sign up here, you’ll get my short story BODY ENGLISH for free as well) or comment on this or any of this month’s blog entries. Good luck and happy June!

MJ Pullen

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