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Author’s Note: This post originally appeared on Instagram and my personal Facebook page. I’m adding it here in hopes it will reach more people over time. Thanks for reading, and for all the compassion I’ve received in response. You are all so loved and appreciated.  People say I look like her, but it’s so much deeper than that. I have the same tendency to sing  […]

5 Things Making my Summer Manageable School has been out for almost a week here in Georgia. I know my friends in the Northeast are thinking, “What? Already?” But we go back in early August, or in some cases late July (!?!?!), so we’re out before Memorial Day. I’m sure there’s a reason. Anyhoo, now  […]

Well, I did it. Two weeks ago I took myself out of the running for an amazing training and development job, before the third round of interviews. The job was everything my Day Job Self was looking for: exciting, challenging, learning-focused. I’d have been working in a company known for its amazing corporate culture on  […]

(One Working Mom’s Perspective) Yeah. This post pretty much makes me the anti-Robert Fulghum. But here goes. A few weeks ago, some friends of mine, with their first kids starting Kindergarten this month, asked me and another “veteran” elementary school mom what they should expect from their little ones’ first foray into big kid school. The other  […]

(Little League Baseball: A Love Story, Part 2) Last Saturday was the end of Skywalker’s first full season of little league baseball. His cute little team struggled all season long, with lots of losses and a few scattered wins. At the beginning of the season, many of them weren’t sure how to hold the bat,  […]

You know those days? The ones where you are late for everything and your better half is massively helping but he’s late for everything too, and your energy is pulled in a thousand different directions and you’re questioning your sanity for trying to have two jobs and raise two kids and, incidentally, wondering who the  […]

It’s my blog and I can post vacation pictures if I want to… (You’ll look at them, and you’ll like it, dammit.) So Hubs and I lost our freaking MINDS this year and decided that rather than a beach vacation, a Disney cruise, or some other simple getaway for spring break, we were going to  […]

Last Saturday Skywalker participated in his first tryouts for 8 and under little league baseball. He really, really wants to play, and we actually sort of made him talk us into it because of the rigorous schedule (nothing worse than signing on for 3 months, 3 times a week to have your kid whining that  […]

There are lots of things I should realize sooner. It’s a theme for my life in general. But when it comes to kids and special events (especially at school), I am particularly inept at preparing for simple, predictable things. School parties take my B-plus parenting average down to a C-minus. There are Valentine’s parties at both boys’ schools  […]

So I was in the car after picking up both boys from school the other day, and we had this conversation: Fozzie (age 4): When I grow up, I’m going to build a laser gate. Me: Awesome, buddy. Like the ones on Star Wars? Skywalker (age 6): Like the ones where they kept Obi-Wan prisoner,  […]