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It’s been a while since I’ve written a Jazzercise blog, and I still get comments from Jazzerfriends about this one from a few years back. So, in honor of my upcoming Jazzercise book launch party for SUGAR STREET, I thought it was time for a new entry into my dancerobics chronicles. If you love Jazzercise  […]

It’s time for my bi-annual Jazzercise blog! I took a break from my favorite exercise addiction for a couple of years due to a combination of injury and my work schedule, but I’ve been back since February and wondering (the way you always do when you’re on the exercise wagon) how I ever lived without  […]

If you’ve been following any of my attempt-at-health-related blogs, you know that I love Jazzercise. Love, love, love it. A few of my friends, guy friends especially, have teased me about this, and I think maybe it’s the name. It harkens many of us back to an era when “Mousekercising” was a thing you did  […]