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That tingling feeling running down your arm at random times. It’s exciting! It’s tingly! (Hey, we take it where we can get it, right, ladies?) I keep waiting for J.K. Simmons to throw a drumstick at me. Nothing, actually. There’s nothing funny about whiplash. Sigh. It’s been a little over two months since the car  […]

Recently, a couple of people have asked me about the 90 Day Fitness challenge I started at the beginning of August. How is it going? Why haven’t I blogged about it lately? How much weight have I lost? My responses range from shouting “hey, is that a Stormtrooper riding a chipmunk?” and running away, to  […]

I haven’t weighed in yet today (will do that tonight at before a weight training class), but I suspect I did this past week exactly what I did the week before — which is stay exactly where I was at the end of week 1 (down 16 pounds since April – yay! – but 0  […]

Okay, okay. I’ll admit it. I have been really struggling with the food thing lately. I haven’t been avoiding wheat and yeast entirely, and I haven’t been avoiding sugar much at all. When sugar calls, I answer the phone on the first ring, and I don’t even bother to pretend I was about to call  […]

If you’ve been following any of my attempt-at-health-related blogs, you know that I love Jazzercise. Love, love, love it. A few of my friends, guy friends especially, have teased me about this, and I think maybe it’s the name. It harkens many of us back to an era when “Mousekercising” was a thing you did  […]

I’m going to tell you a couple of things about myself that you may not know. One, I consider myself something of a recovering cynic. I come from a long line of stalwart observers who often found it easier to point out what was wrong with the world (albeit in a clever and humorous way,  […]