The Draft House

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Looking for The Draft House? It’s a long story…

Writing accountability program by best-selling authors MJPullen and Emily CarpenterOnce upon a time…

Two Draft Queens (M.J. Pullen and Emily Carpenter), came together to build a place for beginning/aspiring novelists to come for accountability and support for finishing their novels. And so, the Draft House was born.

The first season of the Draft House in 2017 was great fun, and the knights and maidens who participated found it helpful (if not completely, perfectly practical). Then the Draft Queens each got busy with the matters of her own Queendom, and their beloved Draft House had to be–temporarily, they hoped–abandoned.

Be assured, the Queens are not at war, nor have they given up their dream of helping early-career writers. They can still be found, for example, in the Fairest Facebook Group in all the Land. They can also occasionally be found holed up in the queendom’s wine cellar, swilling merlot and playing Ring Toss with their crowns…

Ahem. The point is, early career writers interested in accountability and coaching can still visit M.J.’s Coaching and Critique Pages for lots of one-on-one support options, until the day comes when The Draft House is needed once more.

Okay. Turns out it really wasn’t such a long story.

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