Meet the Team

Even in an isolated job like writing, no one truly works alone. Meet my faithful writer support staff…

Chief Security Officer: Zelda

Named for: Zelda Fitzgerald, Legend of
Breed: Boxer/Shepherd Mix
Duties: Holding down the fort, pillow warming, stair guarding, blood pressure control
Works for: Chest scratches, peanut butter
Nemeses: People walking in the cul-de-sac, balloons
Known for: Deep chill, sniffing kisses
Quote: “As long as we all agree that I was here first.”
Hashtag: #zeldathewonderpup

Director of Mischief: Zora

Named for: Zora Neale Hurston
Breed: Pit bull/Boxer?/Maybe??
Duties: Lap warming, feet licking, unconditional adoration
Works for: Ice cubes, hugs, whatever Zelda is playing with
Nemeses: The hair dryer, decorative pillow that wasn’t there before
Known for: Cheese grins, dance moves
Quote: “Are you going to eat that?”
Hashtag: #zorathewonderpup

Fake Assistant: Greg

What? You don’t have a fake assistant? Let me tell you, Greg is worth every. Single. Penny. He’s always available, always dressed for the occasion, and always loves everything I do.
Breed: Capricorn
Duties: Spam, robocalls, volunteer opportunities, light copyedits, other duties as assigned
Works for: Bitcoin
Nemeses: Adjectives, sentence fragments
Known for: Stealing chocolate, Outlander addiction
Quote(s): “Can I get you anything else before I leave for the evening?” “Incredibly, that dress makes you look both thinner and younger.”
Hashtag: #fakeassistantgreg


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