It’s Not Much, But…

Knowing that so many of us are sticking close to home right now thanks to COVID-19, I’m doing what I can to make all that quiet time a little more entertaining.

Whether you’re in self-quarantine, voluntarily working from home, involuntarily home schooling, or any combination of the three, I’m offering four of my books free on Kindle from March 15-19 to help break up the tedium.

It’s a tiny gesture, I know, and it won’t offset all the hardships that the coronavirus pandemic is bringing to so many families. But we all have to do what we can, and this is my small contribution.

Follow the links below to download the Kindle editions of any or all of the books. The Kindle copies will be yours to keep, so you can read them at your leisure. Perfect for any pandemic!

Every Other Saturday:

Sugar Street:

Easy As Pie:

City of Yes:

If you’ve already read them all (or after you download) I’d appreciate if you would share this post on social media so more people can take advantage of the opportunity. If you know of other authors offering similar giveaways, feel free to post in the comments!

MJ Pullen

M.J. Pullen is a distracted writer and the mom of two boys in Roswell, Georgia, where she is absolutely late for something important right now. Her books include quirky romantic comedies and playful women's fiction. She blogs erratically with writing advice, random observations, and reflections on raising very loud kids and dogs. Join her Distracted Readers newsletter list for updates, free content, giveaways and more.

6 thoughts on “It’s Not Much, But…”

  1. Jennifer AllredJennifer Allred

    I’m so excited! Two of these were on my saved list but I haven’t read them yet.

    To everyone who hasn’t read Sugar Street yet…DO IT! You will be so glad you did!

    Thanks you!

  2. TaMara CokerTaMara Coker

    Shared it on my FB group

  3. Sharon SmithSharon Smith

    Wow! That’s so nice of you. I’ve shared it with my book club and picked up two of them myself. (I already have the other two.) Thank you!

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