Sugar Street: Game of Thrones, Suburban Style

What if Sugar Mills were in Westeros?

Are you obsessed with Game of Thrones? It’s hard to avoid these days, as we’re over halfway through the final season of HBO’s adaptation. It seems like everyone is talking about GOT. Even me!

That’s right, I made a meme! I’m pretty sure that’s next-level nerdiness. (Click for the Facebook post if you want to share).

Personally, I came to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire several years ago. I read the first few books, right up to the Red Wedding, when I…

Okay, I’ll be honest: I got squeamish and bailed out. Blame it on the young mother hormones and heightened anxieties, but I just couldn’t hang. Don’t tell anyone, okay? Based on that, my husband gently suggested that if the books were too violent for my blood, the TV series would be even worse. So he watched it without me, all the way through Season 7.

When I had my neck surgery a couple of weeks ago, I finally decided I was ready to try again, and that the great swaths of medicated down time would make the perfect opportunity. So I’ve been binge-watching as the Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters and Targaryens played out their bloody and fascinating drama at warp speed. I finally caught up these weekend, and got to watch Episode 4 of Season 8 with the rest of the world.

And of course, all this GOT immersion has me thinking about my own fictional world, and how the ladies of Sugar Street would be represented in Westerosi style.

I’m no George Martin, that’s for sure. But I had fun with this. Hope it brings you a smile!


Full Name: Jessica Ann Gardner Rodriguez
AKA: Work-Life Balance Sorceress
Sigil: Suitcase and Teddy Bear on Yellow Field
Motto: Anyone Seen My Keys?
Special Skills: Multitasking, Management Consulting, The 5-Second Rule
About: To be honest, sometimes Jess has challenges with Having It All. She adores her two kids and sportswriter husband, Tom, despite his busy travel schedule and all the work she does from her home office. And if she’s not exactly Betty Crocker, that’s fine. But would it be too much to ask for a little romance? Or at least, that Tom stay awake long enough for them to reconnect beyond friendly co-parenting? When it comes to scandal in the suburbs, Jess could be worth watching.

“There is only one thing we say to volunteering at school. Not today.”


Full Name: Delia Rae Rutledge Cargill
AKA: Lifestyle Consultant, Glamorous Soccer Mom
Sigil: MLM Pyramid with strappy pink heel on a magenta field
Motto: Conquer with Charm
Special Skills: Diplomacy, Fashion, French braids
About: Multi-level Marketing is dark and full of secrets… And Delia Cargill knows them all. With her blank-page past and a quiet open marriage to her husband Gage, Delia is no stranger to scandal. But far from hiding in the shadows, she is determined to make her way to the top of the Sugar Mills social strata with her high heels and dignity intact. Look for her at the center of every sales party–home products, candles, skin care, and even adult toys–not to mention every risky scheme involving a tennis pro.

“She who hosts the party must serve the wine.”


Full Name: Carras Evangeline Lightbourne Prather
Title: Celebrity Athlete, Hopeful Future Mom
Sigil: Crossed tennis rackets centered on a deep pink heart and a green field
Motto: Family Over Glory
Special Skills: Badass Backhand, Encyclopedic Walking Dead Knowledge, World of Warcraft Progress Raider
About: Born on a beautiful island in Turks and Caicos, Carras seems to have led a charmed life. Rising to superstardom as an American tennis star. A chance meeting with the love of her life, Stuart, at Comic-Con… which led to a happy, delightfully nerdy marriage. But Carras longs to give Stuart the child he wants so desperately, and she’d give up all her trophies to save her beloved father from debilitating illness. Carras is the last person anyone would place at the center of a suburban scandal, but you never know what this quiet, motivated woman will do for her family.

“Chaos isn’t a Ladder. It’s a Tennis Court.”


Full Name: Maizy Callahan Henriksson
Title: Sugar Mills Elementary PTA President, Neighborhood Busybody
Special Skills: Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gossip
Sigil: Flaming Cupcake
Motto: Baked Goods Fix All
About: Maizy lives for her girls, her baking, and her health-conscious hubby Anders. Maybe fitting in with his perfectionist family has been a bit of an uphill bike ride, but with her cheerful optimism, Maizy’s up to the challenge. After all, she managed to find her place at the Sugar Mills Elementary School by volunteering her butt off. Surely she can win over her husband’s family and get back the affection from her early days with Anders? And if it takes some unseemly behavior on her part, well… you know what they say about breaking a few eggs!

“I bake and I know things.”

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