Beach Read Giveaway Week #3: WINNER

AUTOGRAPHED copy of The Weight of Lies

Congratulations to Xandra B., who also happens to be my childhood neighbor (yay randomness!!).  Xandra is on my newsletter list, and she won an autographed copy of THE WEIGHT OF LIES by the extraordinary Emily Carpenter as part of my Summer Beach Reads giveaway.

The Weight of Lies is a gripping Southern suspense/family drama with a nice little romantic storyline as well. I love this book, love its author, and I’m so delighted to share it with you. Emily is my friend, critique partner, and co-conspirator at The Draft House; and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see this book baby successfully launched into the world.

If you are not Xandra B., but would still like to get a copy of the book, you can click The Weight of Lies, or the picture of the cover.

There are twelve weeks left of my fabulous summer giveaway, so if you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, take a moment to do that now. As a Reader, you’ll generally receive one announcement/newsletter and one blog roundup per month. You can specify “writer” if you’d also like to be notified when my writing blogs post. You can also select “book release announcements only,” if you prefer.

All subscribers are eligible for the giveaways. You can also improve your chances of winning by liking, sharing, and commenting on the giveaway posts.

Good luck and make sure you put sunscreen on those toes while they’re in the sand!



PS – Anyone else got the Grease soundtrack stuck in their head for Miss Xandra B.? No? Just me?

PPS – This post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

MJ Pullen

M.J. Pullen is a Distracted Writer and the mom of two boys in Roswell, Georgia, where she is absolutely late for something important right now. Her books include quirky romantic comedies and playful women's fiction -- her latest, SUGAR STREET released on 8/7/18. Join her Distracted Readers newsletter list for updates, free content, giveaways and more.

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