By Request: All the Oscar Food Puns

In addition to the mildly inappropriate Baked Brie Larson recipe I posted earlier in the week, I’ve had a couple of requests for the full complement of Oscar food puns from Sunday night. So here they are!

Hubs did what passes for a high school engineering project on the Bridge of Fries, which included three flavors of Martian ketchup:

Bridge of Fries (with Martian ketchup)
Bridge of Fries (with Martian ketchup)

Our dip-centric friend Tiffany made this amazing Mark Ruffalo Chicken Dip. I could literally eat this stuff with a spoon.

Spotlight: Mark Ruffalo Chicken Dip with chips
Spotlight: Mark Ruffalo Chicken Dip

And of course you’ve met Brie…

Baked Brie Larson in a Croissant "Room"
Baked Brie Larson in a Croissant “Room”

For The Revenant, my friend Ryan was going to bring Bear Claws (cringe with me if you saw the movie) but since apparently there was a bear claw shortage in Atlanta on Sunday, he artfully created this replica of a winter forest with the best brownies I’ve ever tasted and broccoli dusted with powdered sugar snow. He even baked in a Luke Skywalker figurine to represent Leo coming up from the dirt:

Image of a toy hand sticking out of a pan of brownies surrounded by broccoli trees and covered in powdered sugar
You can’t see it very well, but ladies, if the idea of Leo DiCaprio covered in warm chocolate doesn’t do it for you, I can’t help you.

Not pictured: We also had three kinds of BROOKLYN beer, rocky road ice cream (MAD MAX) with MARTIAN-O cherries, a crazy cocktail called Gasoline from Gas Town (MAD MAX), and THE BIG SHORT ribs.

Also, I am something of a Domnhall Gleeson fan, and since he was in four movies nominated for something this year (two for Best Picture), we created these lovely Irish shots to throw back whenever one of his movies won anything.

Domnhall Gleeson yummy Irish shots
Domnhall Gleeson yummy Irish shots

In retrospect, we should have tied the shots game to Mad Max, because it took a while for that first one, but they were delicious anyway. As is Domnhall, and I look forward to seeing him win lots of awards in the future…

I can’t wait to see what amazing movies and fun food puns we get to experience next year!


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